Frequently Asked Questions
Does Juma build anything other than pedals?

I’ve done a lot of custom guitar amp builds over the last few years, and that part of my business is slowly growing. These amps have the same painstaking attention to detail and quality as my pedals. If you’re interested in one, please contact me directly through the website, or email me at A photo of one was recently posted on the VH Audio & VCap Facebook page, check it out!

What makes Juma pedals different from others on the market?

I’m a guitar playing tone fanatic, and I’ve been this way since 1984. I have been building and modifying guitars, amps and pedals the entire time. The Supreme Drive is a pedal design that was borne out of years of relentless, tireless inspiration.

Our pedals are built to the highest manufacturing and audio standards possible using the best of today’s available technologies. The Supreme Drive is the only pedal ever manufactured in which every single component in the signal path was chosen based on extensive, double-blind listening tests by several experienced guitar players, over a very long period of time.

I’ve done the best I possibly can, to honestly provide you with the best pedal you can possibly purchase, anywhere.

That's a beautiful enclosure, can you tell me something about it?

I have our premium enclosures 5-axis CNC machined out of aerospace-grade solid aluminum billet.  They are extremely rugged and thick-walled to provide superior strength and electromagnetic shielding.  After a year of design work and dozens of revisions, I feel that we ended up with a beautiful enclosure that is a testament to the quality inside.

Is it true that there are more than $200 worth of components in the Supreme Drive?

That is not true. The value of the components on the PCB alone are worth well over $300.  This does not include the jacks, pots, switch, Kilo aluminum knobs, nor the custom 5-axis CNC machined aerospace grade aluminum enclosure.

Our pedals are fully worth their cost in parts value alone.

I've heard capacitor quality doesn't really make a difference at guitar frequencies. Does it?

This is a complete myth and has been debunked more than once by others on YouTube.  Capacitors in the signal path can make a huge difference in sound.

I noticed that some of your solder joints aren't shiny. Should I be worried?

Not at all.  Our solder joints will always look dull because that’s the nature of the silver-bearing lead-free solder that we use.  Only solders that contain lead create shiny solder joints.

Will my guitar get lost in the mix with the Supreme Drive, or will it be heard loud and clearly?

The lack of compression and the extreme detail provided by the Supreme Drive help the guitar stand out in a mod or a band situation.

Ok, I’m sold. How do I order?
Our products can be purchased directly from us through our website.  Please use our shop page and checkout using the PayPal checkout on our website.  If you do not have a PayPal account, you can make a simple credit card payment by using our PayPal checkout.
Is your website secure?
Yes.  In your browser, you will see a small padlock in the top-left corner of your screen on every page of our website.  This symbol represents a secure connection so that your ordering process with us is safe.  Any information you provide us is encrypted on its way from your computer network to ours.
Do you have a return policy and warranty?
Yes.  Our 72-hour return policy is explained on our product pages so that you can read it just before adding a product to your shopping cart.  Our pedals come with a 2-year limited warranty, which can be read in one of our owner’s manuals.
Your website mentions possible waiting periods during busier times. Why are there waiting periods and how long will I have to wait in order to receive my pedal?

We are a small and young business, and our products are expensive and time-consuming for us to build.  When you go to our Shop page and click on one of our pedals to see its product page, you will find our current lead times.

I read somewhere on your website that your products are 100% RoHS compliant. What does that mean?

RoHS stands for, “Restriction of Hazardous Substances,” which restricts the use of several hazardous materials used in electrical and electronic products.  It is the law and every component that we use in our pedals is compliant.  Our pedals are manufactured completely lead-free.

Are you working on any new pedal designs?

I’m always tinkering, but due to unforeseen circumstances in my personal life, I have not been able to dedicate the time towards new designs that I previously wanted to. One day, I’d love to release a Juma fuzz pedal, a clean boost, and a buffer.

What does "Juma" mean? How do you pronounce it?

“Juma” is a name derived from the names of my two kids put together! The correct pronunciation of of Juma is Joo-mah.