Frequently Asked Questions
What makes Juma pedals different from others on the market?
We are dedicated to providing products built to the highest manufacturing and audiophile standards possible today.  Every electronic component we use is world-class and chosen based on extensive, double-blind listening tests.
That's a beautiful enclosure, can you tell me something about it?
Our enclosures are sturdy, thick-walled aerospace-grade aluminum and provide superior electronic shielding.  We designed our enclosure for over a year, and after dozens of revisions ended up with what we believe is a testament to the quality represented inside.
With such high quality components, aren’t your pedals expensive to build?

Absolutely.  We use extremely expensive audiophile components and in the past we’ve worked in small quantities of 3-12 pedals per batch.  However, our purchasing power is slowly increasing and at some point in 2018, we’ll be able to take advantage of quantity pricing discounts, allowing us to sell our Supreme Drive at a lower price.  At that point in time, past customers who have purchased a pedal directly from the Juma Pedals website will be rewarded for their support by an amount at least equal to the price break.  We’re not there yet, but thanks to your support, we will be soon.

I’ve never heard of these electronic components! Why don’t you just use the vintage stuff?

Capacitors and resistors from the 1950s sound different than today’s state-of-the-art components.  Through double-blind listening tests we learned that we prefer the sound of today’s components.  These are the ones that we use because we want to offer something that is unique and distinct in a way that inspires us.

Why do you use the quality of electronic components that you use in your pedals? Does capacitor quality really make a difference at guitar frequencies?

Of course it does.  We learned early on that our pedals only sounded as good as the poorest sounding components in the signal path.  For example, a great capacitor didn’t make much of a difference if the rest of the components didn’t allow those differences to be heard.  Once extremely high-quality electronic components were used throughout, we began hearing an increase in resolution and detail that was new to us and exciting.

I noticed that some of your solder joints aren't shiny. Should I be worried?

Not at all.  Our solder joints will always look dull because that’s the nature of the silver-bearing lead-free solder that we use.

Will my guitar get lost in the mix with the Supreme Drive, or will it be heard loud and clearly?

We posted a short, 27-second iPhone video clip to our media page because it demonstrates how well the guitar is heard in the mix.  We love that video for that reason.  Check it out, that Tele effortlessly stands out and it sounds incredible!

Ok, I’m sold. How do I order?
Our products can be purchased directly from us through our website.  Please use our shop page and checkout using the PayPal checkout on our website.  If you do not have a PayPal account, you can make a simple credit card payment by using our PayPal checkout.
Is your website secure?
Yes.  In your browser, you will see a small padlock in the top-left corner of your screen on every page of our website.  This symbol represents a secure connection so that your ordering process with us is safe.  Any information you provide us is encrypted on its way from your computer network to ours.
Do you have a return policy and warranty?
Yes.  Our 72-hour return policy is explained on our product pages so that you can read it just before adding a product to your shopping cart.  Our pedals come with a 2-year limited warranty, which can be read in one of our owner’s manuals.
Your website mentions possible waiting periods during busier times. Why are there waiting periods and how long will I have to wait in order to receive my pedal?
We are a young business and our products are expensive for us to build.  We need to slowly ramp up our production as our purchasing power increases.  The waiting period may be weeks or months for the short term.  For the time being, please be patient and watch our Twitter feed for the latest updates on lead times.
Is it possible to order multiple pedals at once?

Yes, but our website is currenty setup to ship out our pedals in individual boxes, one at a time.  This is because a typical order for us is for just one pedal, so there hasn’t been a need to setup shipping for multiple units.  If there is a need to update this in the future, we will, but for the time being, if you are interested in ordering multiple pedals, contact us and we will happily send you a custom shipping quote.

I read somewhere on your website that your products are 100% RoHS compliant. What does that mean?
RoHS stands for, “Restriction of Hazardous Substances,” which restricts the use of several hazardous materials used in electrical and electronic products.  Every component we use in our pedals is compliant.  Our pedals are manufactured completely lead-free.
Are you working on any new pedal designs?

Yes!  We are currently working on a couple of designs, based on requests from existing users of our products.  Like the first time, this is another slow, time-consuming process, but we’re doing our best to make it worth the wait.  Also, because we have received so many requests to do so, our pedals will soon be offered in their current versions and additionally in a more cost-effective format.  These will be called the “Essence Series” of our pedals and the first ones will be ready very soon!

What's the correct way to pronounce, "Juma"?
The correct pronunciation of of Juma is Joo-mah.