Juma Pedals Inc. is a small business located in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada.  Our mission is to build extremely high quality effects pedals that match or exceed the quality of the very best instruments and amplifiers in the world.

Our premium line of pedals are housed in custom designed, super heavy-duty solid aluminum enclosures and we use only the very best audiophile-grade components in our signal paths, with no compromise. The electronic components we use are designed and built to preserve the harmonic richness and dynamic details that come out of your instrument in a way that typical, mass-produced components simply cannot.  Our goal as a business is to reward you with a tone that is richer and more three-dimensional than anything you may have previously imagined possible.

After two years of double-blind listening tests by an avid pedal builder (who has been hand-building pedals for over 20 years in Toronto, Canada), along with the help of players who have played the electric guitar for 40-50 years each, we have come up with a pedal that is very inspiring to play through.  Today, each pedal is painstakingly hand-built, one at a time with great care at our company just outside of Toronto, using the highest-quality audio components available in the world.  Our pedals are only available directly from us to avoid the price increases associated with distributors and retailers.  We are a small business that hand-builds products based on orders received and may have longer lead-times during busier periods. We are currently working on new pedal designs, so please check our FAQ and our Twitter feed to see what’s new.  Thank you for visiting our website.